Hardware Store & Lumber Yard


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Business Description

For decades, this community mainstay was the premier go to place for locals whenever they needed hardware, remodeling materials, and construction supplies such as lumber, drywall, paint, windows, and doors, and bath fixtures.
Due to the passing away of its founder, there are no successors in the family to take over the business and apply today's marketing skills to attract and build on a traditional loyal customer base. Thus a great opportunity is presented, and at a fair price and great possible terms. Be sure to obtain a required NDA so we can show you the details of this exceptional opportunity and put you on the road to being your own independent business owner in a well respected and rewarding industry.

Detailed Information

March 25, 2019
Construction,Bldg Materials/Hardware/Garden
$ 2,000
Cash or 1/3 down, balance and terms negotiable. Secured by real estate.
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