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Selling your business is the most important sale of your life.
Knowing the real value of your business could mean the difference between a funded retirement plan or being unprepared for the road ahead.
BizExit & ValueSource Business Brokers can provide you with a comprehensive and accurate business valuation. Whether buying or selling a business, we can help in arriving at a fair purchase offer price or selling price.
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BizExit Brokers & Advisors

“BizExit Brokers & Advisors is a locally based full-service business brokerage serving the Tri-Cities region. We are national in scope by using national marketing and networking venues to insure the widest possible exposure for client listings as well as when buyers are searching for a business to purchase.

We are professionally engaged in the buying and selling of businesses and franchises, as well as providing consulting services to buyers, investors, entrepreneurs, and owners needing professional advice preparing for immediate or eventual exit from their businesses”

The Tri-Cities Premier Business Brokerage!

We have a wide variety of businesses that are looking for a new owner. Contact us to make an appointment so we can discuss and provide more information about each listing.
We also maintain a buyer database of people looking for the right business to buy. Your business may be just the right one.

Sell A Business

Are you thinking that it is time to sell your business? Contact us to explore your options and see how we can get you the most value from your business.


Did you know that franchises are the perfect solution to obtaining your E2 or L1 Visa Status in the USA. Just ask us how. Search our database for the best in franchising solutions.

Business Valuation

Knowing what a business is worth is important in so many ways. At BizExit Brokers & Advisors we offer you, as a business owner, access to one of the world’s premier business valuation portals so you can get an in-depth understanding of your business’ value. Armed with this information, you can take steps to maximize the value of your business and to prepare it for sale at the best price and on your terms. Click the “Start My Valuation” button on this page to get started.

Sell A Business

In most cases, a business owner’s biggest asset and nest egg is their business. You want to get the most money possible out of the sale so you and your loved ones reap the rewards of, what is many times, years of hard work. Your business is sold professionally, confidentially, and presented in the best manner to the market. We don’t get paid until you get paid. We are not interested in earning front-end fees for listing your business. That is why our motto is “Your Success is Our Success”. Contact us today to learn more.

Business Exit Planning

It’s been said, the day you open your business is the day you should have a business exit plan. Developing an exit strategy and plan is essential to smoothly, and profitably, exit your business at the right time. It’s like planning a highway trip. The trip will go better if you know when to exit and have highway markers (benchmarks) telling you when you are almost there.

Commercial Real Estate Services

ValueSource Commercial Real Estate are also members of NETAR-CMLS, a comprehensive database of regional commercial listings. ValueSource Business Advisors can get the job done for you.

Businesses for Sale

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